Melody of our life

18-25 June, 2023

The theme of the project "Melody of our life" is music and its impact on our everyday life, but also on history, art ,national
and European identity. During the project, we will talk about the history of music, how it has changed over the years, but also
about its importance in culture, history and identity. We will discuss the topic of music as an international language, how it
affects people and how it shapes cultural identity.
The main goal of the project is to make young people aware of how seemingly trivial things that surround us every day play a
huge role in shaping culture and ourselves. We want to pay special attention to how much of the culture is occupied by
music and what emotions it evokes - sadness, joy, motivation, nostalgia - and how easily these states can be changed
depending on the melody.


Log in to life

16-22 January, 2023

The main topic is the Internet and its negative impact on life - addiction, lack of physical activity, loss of face-to-face contact skills, loss of self-esteem due to retouched and distorted social media. The main goal of the project is to build young people's awareness of the problem of addiction to technology as well as changing life habits.

Through the implementation of the project, we want the participants to answer the question whether this problem affects them or their relatives, to what extent and thanks to the activities carried out jointly, they found a solution. Moreover, the joint action of 6 organizations and participants will allow for the exchange of experiences, because despite the cultural differences, the topic is equally topical for each of the partner countries. Through the youth exchange, we want the participants to put their mobile devices aside and pay attention to those around them and "log in to life". The project also aims to encourage young people to an active lifestyle and a proper diet. 

Together with the participants, we will conduct classes that will remain with them for a long time (we hope forever) as developed habits, which will significantly improve their quality of life and physical and mental health.

Partner countries: Spain, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia;



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